INDUSTRIAL ELEMENTS  is Canada's largest retailer of scrap metal sculptures and statues. Each spectacular one-of-a-kind handcrafted art piece is created entirely from scrap metal and reclaimed and salvaged materials. The categories are endless, including musicians, sports and athletes, and many others including those listed below.

Planes, Trains   & Automobiles

Plus motorcycles, and many more.

From road to rail and sea to sky, dozens of models including army vehicles, bicycles, a formula one racecar, Delorean, and even obscure designs such as a Thai tuk-tuk and others.

Be Better Buddies

Bumbling Bear, along with buddies Erratic Elephant, Sore Seal, Damaged Duck and Clumsy Cat will encourage and cheer up anyone in need of a little pick-me-up.


Click here for more information and to view other models.  

The Animal Kingdom

Whether wild or domesticated, barnyard bred or flying free, hundreds of  designs for every animal lover are either in store or available to be ordered. 


Even mystical beasts such as dragons lurk here.



Hollywood & Pop Culture

Like his counterparts, from our friends at Art from Steel, Optimus Prime is made by hand completely from reclaimed and scrap metal. Other transformers, as well as big screen icons such as Wall-E, and even pop legend Michael Jackson are here.



Jurassic Junkyard

Remains forgotten by time and weathered for years by the elements before their true value was discovered.                  


You might be thinking dinosaur fossils but this also describes the scrap metal components used to create these incredible artifacts.                        


Many of the designs are unique enough that they are unable to be grouped into the other categories. 


British phone booths, artistic renderings of male and female torsos, religious and other cultural  symbols,  and even furniture.