Rustic and industrial motifs will completely change the esthetics and overall feel of a single room or entire home. Even a single strategically placed piece can define the character of a space. Our inventory and selection are constantly changing as new shipments arrive. Following are just a few examples of our many unique styles.

Shipping Container Designs


Among our most unique pieces are those that are reproduced from reclaimed shipping containers. Available as desks, cabinets, end tables, bookshelves and nightstands, this style adds a warehouse or factory feel to any environment. Each unit is unique with functional locking bars.


Available in various colours, our selections are frequently changing.

Adjustable Crank Tables


Dining tables in several sizes and styles are available as large as 80" across. In addition to appearing as authentic warehouse relics, the functional hand-operated crank mechanisms also allow the dining tables to be adjusted for various uses such as a high bar table for entertaining. 


Using a combination of bevel, worm, and rack & pinion gears, several styles are available including smaller coffee tables and adjustable-height round dining or game tables.

Industrial Lighting & Accessories


Large tripod spotlights and steamer trunks evoke nautical images from a bygone era. Our diverse selection of styles and sizes is sure to inspire you. Find just the right piece to set off the room or combine several of our eclectic artifacts to create a distinctive ambience.


Motifs such as brick and wood features provide the perfect esthetic launch pads to create a unique industrial setting by adding a few accents.